Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Surprise Treats!

Today is such a dreary day. It is warmer but so gloomy. On days like today I see why people call Bloomington "Gloomington." Phil did not feel like going to class but he went anyways. Shortly after he left he showed up at the back door with a huge smile and a signature hot chocolate from Starbucks (with a shot of mint just like I like it) for ME!!!!!!! What a wonderful surprise to have him home early (class was canceled) and a special treat! I love my sweet husband! I got the cookie from my friend Alison Gaynor last night on our way to Bible study. It is the same cookie that we shared from Whole Foods when we were in Denver Colorado!!!! I feel so loved !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love My Life

I found Luke perched up on the couch going through my Bible one morning. His new accomplishment is climbing onto the couch and basking in the comfort. I often find him rolling around on the couch or totally lounged out with his sippy cup! So funny to find him there! On this occasion he first found my phone sitting there so he handed it to me (while chattering to me), then he found the remote control and he handed that to me too! Next he discovered my Bible and he opened it up and started turning the tissue thin pages. My first instinct was to stop him and take it away.
After a few moments of observing, I decided NOT to take it away. I decided just to enjoy the moment. This particular Bible was given to me by my parents on my 16th birthday. It is well used and worn.

It has traveled with me on many missions trips to St. Louis, Los Angeles, the interior of Mexico, Orlando, Oregon, Michigan, Hawaii, and a wonderful trip that I helped lead in my hometown of Leo Indiana! As you can see some of the pages have started to fall out!
The binding is held together by tape. It is also a scrap book of my life. If you flip through you might find old church bulletins from all over the country, old photos, name tags from various VBS's, scrap peices of paper with verses scratched on them, bookmarks and other momentos that document my life and spiritual journey.

The pages are folded, sometimes crunched from experiences, written on in pen, pencil and marker, and underlined, stars in the margins etc. I even have penciled in question marks in the margins of things that I have devoted to further study.

You are probably wondering why I didn't stop my potentially destructive little explorer?

I was so filled with joy seeing my little "bundle of joy" flip through the pages with all of the curiousity of his one year old mind! It brought me to tears as I thought of the significance of my own flesh and blood and his own spiritual journey. I thought of how my past is going to form his future. I was utterly covered with chills. A seemingly normal day quickly turned into a memory that I will cherish forever.

Our Little Guitar Hero

I got Phil another Wii guitar so that we can play guitar Hero together. It turns out that the guitar that I picked out is the perfect size for a 14 month old Luke!

A future rock star?

Yet another reason that we have to play the Wii when the little guy is sleeping! He loves it!


I made mozzarella cheese with my friend Kristin on Friday! This is a photo of the curds before we soaked it again and stretched it. For the most part, our first attempt was a success! We only had to start over once. Ha! Later that night we shared dinner with our friends and enjoyed the fresh homemade cheese on a pizza YUM! We both will definitely be making more cheese in our futures!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Valentines Day -- Love, Luke

Luke made some Valentines of his own to give!

Yellow crayon on the table does not show up too bad?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rock Rock

Random Activities

This is a photo of the boys right before Phil left for his last final in the fall semester.

Phil and his 4 hour shoveling marathon

All ready to go outside!

A family walk

Luke is obsessed with going outside. He feels very sad if someone goes outside without him!

Daddy coming to get them

Luke and his scarf! (He thinks that if he puts it on then he gets to go outside)

Waitin for daddy

Luke meets department store mannequins. Not too sure?


Luke and Alison Gaynor

Wedding Photo's

A photo of my grandma and grandpa Fishbaugh

My parents' wedding photo

Emergency Visit to the Pediatric Dentist

Luke had to go to the pediatric dentist after a fall. He fell face first into a chair in the entry of our apartment. He ended up cutting the gums above his right front tooth in two places. The dentist took two x-rays and checked everything out in his mouth. Everything checked out fine. His front tooth was a little loose but that will tighten up in time. What an adventure!

New Year's Celebration

Here are some photo's from our New Years Eve celebration.

Party blowers!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

We love each other! I love this photo of us!

We spent our 5 year wedding anniversary in Indianapolis on November 29th 2008! It was very different from the previous years anniversary. Last year we brought our new little baby Lucas home from the hospital! We brought Luke home from the hospital in the afternoon around 4:00pm. Later that night my brother Drew and Aunt Lisa came down from Indy to meet Luke for the first time. Drew cooked us steaks on the grill. (True heaven on earth after hospital food) It is truly amazing how time flies.

Here we are a year ago on our anniversary. The "luckiest", most proud, happy, thrilled parents ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't we look tired?

Our little Lukie at the hospital right before we left for home.

My Aunt Lisa meeting Luke for the first time

Uncle Drew holding his nephew

We had an anniversary lunch at the Cheesecake Factory

Luke and Daddy praying

We love the Cheesecake Factory. As soon as we sat down the hostess brought Luke his very own plate of banana slices, and two kinds of bread! How thoughtful!

My happy hubby!

A blessed wife

My yummy sun dried tomato and basil pasta dish

Phil and Lukie playing with toys at Pottery Barn Kids

Trucks and trains

Luke and a monkey backpack. I really regret not getting it for is the cutest.

Thanks for being part of our lives!
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