Monday, March 23, 2009

Do YOU remember your first taste of candy?

Man, I wish I did...

...sheer happiness...

...rolling on the ground kind of happiness... your face sugar bliss...

...strike a pose kind of happiness... know? The kind that makes you want to SING...

...and cheese!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

IU vs. MSU game

Luke and I watched the first part of this game the other night while Phil was at class. I just turned the game on and Luke went in for his first basket of the night. Maybe we are just pretending that Luke loves basketball so I will let you decide for yourself...

He can be pretty silly

and a bit of a performer

Here he is really watching the game

I took some close-ups and I just decided to post them all...

More game watching

so grown-up

bye bye baby

Hello trouble!

another dunk

I think that they were looking for daddy to come home

I was stuffing diapers and folding wipes...he took this opportunity to practice bathing. Who wouldn't really?

I love the way his little waist looks!

Our attempts to document our evening for posterity!

Things I Like...(2)

...that I cut all of these fries out of ONE sweet potato! The small victories in life make me SO HAPPY. Don't you love it?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday 3-15-09 Park

Luke is carrying his sand toys. The big blond thing is me.

The slide is fun!

Boys like to break the rules?

Boys also like crashing down sand houses that girls make!

But that girl keeps making them!

Things I Like...


Phil and Luke on the campus after his psychology experiment

Baby Party

Luke found the football...

and ran!

Yummy food!

Game time

If I remember correctly, these two cleaned up!


Pass the goodies around!

Luke "tried" out some of the toys!

So did Peter!

I LOVE it when a husband makes his wife laugh!

Luke checking out the dessert

Mommy with bag...

and Daddy!

Luke loves a back rub from John

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