Thursday, September 25, 2008

IU vs. Ball State football game

We went to an IU football game a few weeks ago. They played Ball State and got crushed! It was an ugly game for IU, but we had a good time. We went with the McNeillys and John Beyer. We were pretty close to the top, but the view was not bad!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Proofed!

For all of you out there wondering about Luke's safety can worry no more! I spent a recent Sunday afternoon positioning gates and hanging nets. Good thing too because Luke loves the stairs and the gates for that matter. He likes to go to the very boundary and shake shake shake that gate! Needless to say we are all safe and sound but keeping busy!

We got a new shelf ! I bought it because the bottom shelf fits the toy basket perfectly!

A little netting on the railing!

A gate is in place

Luke helping mommy load the dishwasher

Now unloading.

A closed gate!

Preparing to scale Mt. Staircase

Phil doing dishes! What a guy!

Mommy's Tambourine Man

Morning cuteness

Modern Domestic Mamas

I thought I would share an article that I wrote for my friend's blog that she started. The blog is called Modern Domestic Mamas. Enjoy!

“…the homemaker, who in her inimitable way creates a place of comfort, beauty, and interest for her loved ones. It is she who surrounds her family with furniture, gardens, color, and warmth. She looks to others for inspiration and education.” – Martha Stewart

Ahhh…Martha: A modern domestic diva with a dash of performance enhancement gone mad. In spite of her well known character flaw she has mastered the art of living well and in the process made it mainstream and popular. We are no longer just “homemakers” but “artists at work” and our blank canvas is our homes. A house must be transformed into a home. I challenge you, Modern Domestic Mama, to live in a more thoughtful, more meaningful manner in a home that expresses your own personal style.

Color has a huge influence in our daily lives. Specific colors set a particular mood, emotion, and energy. It is an easy way for us mom’s to express ourselves when we feel like nobody is listening. I find myself dressing in the morning (or afternoon, no judgment made dear one) according to my inner emotions and desires: Light pink when I am feeling playful, blue on a calm day and grey when I am feeling “ho hum.” I use color to let the outside world know what is coming to them before I even open my mouth, crack a smile, or give the evil eye. I would love for my husband to pick up on this daily context clue…but I digress.

As an interior designer, I feel that color tells a similar type of story for your home. What mood, emotion, and energy are you trying to portray in your personal spaces? All Modern Domestic Mama’s have their own flair that is bursting to get out. You need to channel your inner “joie de vivre” and let your creativity and sense of humor shine through. That being said, I have a few design guidelines that I have let inspire me.

#1 There is no single way to decorate and that good taste has no passport or price tag.

#2 When in doubt as to a good paint color for your wall go with a neutral. Never underestimate the power of a good neutral and I mean it must be good. I have a paint deck devoted solely to whites and there are 133 different shades of white!

#3 Definitely fill your home with personal and meaningful items. You can do this with furniture, accessories, artwork, dishes, etc. I love a good show house but they are void of personality and interest. Boring! And of course you can tell that nobody lives there.

#4 Even though you have a favorite color there is no need to have it in every room, accessory, clothing item, and artpiece. I think that you understand what I am trying to say. There is a time and place for everything in moderation.

#5 Enjoy the freedom of editing. Did some distant ancestor will you a monstrous china hutch that does not fit anywhere in your home let alone make sense? You have my permission to get rid of it! Many design crimes are committed with good intentions. Simplify your life by purging unnecessary and unsentimental items.

#6 There are always exceptions to every rule. Yes, your middle school English teacher was right in many ways. Although there are definite design mistakes and examples of bad design there is no “right way of decorating.

So friend, I encourage you in your domestic adventures to master the art of living well in your own home. You owe it to yourself to tell your own personal story in your home. I urge you to come up with your own inspiration guidelines!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This morning I locked Luke and my keys in the car together! I was in a hurry to leave and I locked the door to the apartment (which I always do last) and Luke was pushing the buttons on my key chain as I was walking out to the car. The door locked! When I closed the car door I realized that it was locked! Stress!!!! I called my friends that have keys to our place and there was no answer. Luckily Phil was able to get a hold of our friend Peter who just happened to be getting out of class and heading to work. Everything ended up working out and Peter was a huge help. We are so blessed to have great friends that love us and Luke!
Luke was my helper at the grocery today! Doesn't he look like he is having fun?

Long Lost Pool Pics

I found some pool pictures from a couple of weeks ago that I thought I would share with all of you. The pool is now CLOSED for the summer. So sad...until next year...

He has outgrown his bouncy seat

Crab floatie

Sewing Bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look out!

I pretty much sewed all day on Sunday!!! It felt so wonderful. My mom brought me a newer version of the sewing machine that I already own. It purrs like a kitten and I enjoyed trying out a new pattern that I bought with some birthday money! I made a fun and roomy bag. I love the challenge of figuring out a new pattern. I had a blast . Here is the inside of the bag. It has plenty of pockets which I love and it has a pocket on the inside for a water bottle or a baby bottle. It is a great bag and I can't wait to use what I learned and make another one! I have got a fever and the only remedy is more sewing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Labor Day Weekend

Monday I turned 28! Twenty eight years ago on Labor Day my mom went into the hospital for an induction after being in labor all weekend. Her water broke on Friday and the doctor didn't want to induce until Monday!!! In addition to that I was born 15 days after my due date!!! I guess I really didn't want to be born!? Ha ha!

In reflection, after having given birth, I have a new respect for "birth days." It really is a celebration for the parents as well! Last night on my favorite show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" the whole family revisited the hospital room etc, where Jon and Kate's sextuplets were delivered 10 weeks early on Labor Day!!!! I was struck by how important and sentimental the whole trip was for Kate (the mom). The point of the trip was to show the sextuplets where they were born and visit with the doctors and hospital staff. I felt myself relating with Kate as she was walking the halls of the hospital and hugging the nurses and doctors. The sextuplets are still only 4 and could only appreciate the experience on their own level but Kate was very emotional. I could see how important it was for Kate to make this journey for her own personal triumph and celebration!

I anticipate Luke's 1st birthday on a similar level. I also realize that my parents and all parents for that matter probably feel similar emotions as well. I have struggled with the emotions of "feeling" older or thinking that I look older. If I look too closely at myself in the mirror I could really analyze this issue to death and feel sorry for myself. It is then that I must look to those around me and feel blessed by their support and encouragement. I also turn to my Heavenly Father for affirmation and support. And then I have a delicious brownie (or 3) and reflect on another year.
Luke dressed and ready to go to church!

My birthday call from Tiffany, Rob, Arthur, and Sophie! Thanks for the singing!

Luke sitting in daddy's chair. Future executive?

Phil gave Sanibel a bath and Luke cracked up laughing!

"Hi Grandpa! Do your gobble"

Sweet sleeper

Reading with Grandma
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