Thursday, June 23, 2011

Golf Camp 2011

Yesterday and today Luke had Pee Wee Golf Camp for 3-5 year olds! It was an hour each morning and the kids learned how to hit, chip, putt, and pitch from a PGA instructor. Luke has been pumped about Golf Camp for a while. He kept telling me how excited he was for his golf "camp out" and described the kids settings up tents etc. Thankfully he was not disappointed in the lack of tents! He had a blast!


He liked everything about it; even sitting his ball on the tee.

The instructor came around and worked with each kid. I think Luke learned a lot from him and from watching other kids.

When he came to camp he did not have a backswing.

But he started to pick one up by the end! I was impressed that he seemed to be listening to the instructor, following instructions, trying to improve, and was polite and understanding of the other kids. What more can you ask out of anyone, let alone a 3 year old!

Putting is tricky!

I really do wish golf camp was everyday.

And so does this guy:

Trip to Madison Wisconsin

Last week we transferred our normal everyday happenings to Madison Wisconsin. Phil had a week long seminar at the University of Wisconsin so we tagged along! I thought that during the day the boys and I would take long morning walks on campus, eat picnic lunches, and explore museums. So that is not what happened at all! A few days before we left for the trip Phil and I started getting colds and they hung on all week. Luke started coming down with it the day we left. Thankfully we brought a plethora of hankies which were well used believe me!

The campus is really neat but it is a major part of Madison. Busy streets surround all of the buildings and I did not see myself wandering around the busy streets just to look straight up a beautiful building. We spent our mornings playing in the room, eating breakfast and snacks, and watching T.V. At noon we would meet Phil for lunch and then explore in the afternoon. I would ask Luke if he would rather go to the zoo or a playground and he always chose playground! So I did not argue and we found a playground in a residential area that we liked. Then, after playing on the playground, we would go to Target and wander around then get chocolate milks for the ride back to the hotel and they would get really sleepy. Naps in the afternoon and then we would have dinner with Phil and then wrap up the night with a swim in the pool! Maybe it doesn't sound like much but by the end of the week we were exhausted!

I also must apologize for the lack of photos taken on this trip. I took a few on my phone and posted them on Facebook throughout the week and then I took a few at the pool. If you feel a lack of "Madison" from this Madison post feel free to see the artists interpretation on the pool wall in the following photo:

Luke loved the pool but little bro Micah did not.

Getting out the wiggles!

Happy swimmers!

Hotels are fun!

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