Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brother Love

What will we do with a sister?

Halloween 2011

Batman and Elmo trick or treating!

We love our neighborhood!

So now I have worn that pumpkin shirt twice!

30 Weeks

Date Night!

Grow grow growing! I passed my sugar test! Huge answer to prayer there, mostly because it means a continued uneventful pregnancy. I am trying to stay as active as possible. My friends and I had another marathon freezer cooking day. It was A LOT of work and my ankles were swollen for 2 days after but so so worth it! We tried some new recipes too.

My violin lesson is coming along. I have my very own rented violin that I can play a few notes of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" I find it humorous when I am practicing on a smallish violin with my big belly! The boys think it is the best!!! (the violin not the belly)

My past 2 appointments have been with the high risk Dr. and I had ultrasounds both times. This was only because the midwife was unavailable. I don't mind it though. As long as everything is fine then I am fine! My most recent ultrasound was at my sugar test and I could see her "breathing". I have never had an ultrasound this far along so that was a new and amazing thing to see. We also know that she is heads down. Her heart looked great and she is over 3 lbs! I have noticed some bumping around right around my belly button and I think it is her rear end! Maybe I will find out for sure at my appointment tomorrow? I feel lots of movement and even though it can be uncomfortable at times I feel a huge amount of comfort.

Happy to be here!

Pumpkining 2011

Luke drew his own scary face! It's Darth Vader you know?


Micah's first time participation.


Boys doing the gross scooping.

Micah drew a face too!

Light'em up!

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