Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Baby is Hungry

I am breastfeeding Micah 6-8 times a day but he is still a beggar at the dinner table!

He jabbers and begs at mealtimes. We have let him try a few things. Here he is tasting a green bean for the first time!

We try to tide him over with teethers but he is way smarter than that!

He really wants big brothers milk.

He REALLY wants it! He snags Luke's beverages every chance that he gets. He can even suck through a straw. Luckily all he has ever actually gotten is water.

Sheesh somebody feed this baby. He is obviously wasting away! Ha!


Big Babys gotta move! He finds a way to scoot himself all over the place. He also plays more than Luke ever did as a baby. We are alwasy so amazed because it really seems like he is actually playing!

One day he spent a great deal of time trying to climb into the rocking bench!

Then the next thing I know he is all the way over here!

He found his outfit to chew was so hot that day. He eventually made his way back over to his play mat which is where he started!

6 Months Young

Wednesday, the last day of Phil's bar test, Micah turned 6 months old!

I like this one because he looks like he is singing!

He looks nice in blue and has a lot to say.

He can roll over both ways, get into a crawling position on his hands and knees and rock back and forth, scoots himself all over the floor backwards, loves his baths with big brother, likes trains and long walks around the pond, has a dresser full of clothes that are too small (this is a 24 month outfit from Grandma Wagler) and thinks that big brother, Sanibel, and Sesame Street are hilarious!

Micah has been such an enjoyable baby! Lucas was an enjoyable baby too and we didn't think that we could get so lucky a second time?

I guess that lightening struck twice!

Micah is such a happy baby!

He does need his beauty sleep!

We all catch ourselves saying, "Now that's a big baby!" Luke even says it and cracks us up!

The Bar is OVER!

This is the Phil that I like to picture taking the bar.

A little tractor driving can be so therapeutic...a stress reliever...even know I know that he is thinking "I hope there is a tax question on the bar."

Country living.

And in his honor, his favorite song: "Fishing in the Dark"

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Reading Program

Luke completed his summer reading chart tonight. He colored in or put a sticker on a bubble for every 20 min. of reading that we read to him. His first prize was a free voucher to a Ft. Wayne Tincaps baseball game and a fish pen, second prize was a boomerang and his final prize is a book! Phil is going to try and take him to the library tomorrow to claim his prize. He is a happy boy!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Morning Routine

Luke has a lot of energy in the morning! This particular morning he was dancing all over the place and turning the music up louder and louder. I was dancing too and singing along. I didn't realize it until I watched this video.

So maybe you are wondering what Baby Micah is doing during this racket?

Yes, he is sleeping like a baby! On this morning of the racket he slept until after 11:00 AM! He does a feeding at 7:00 AM and then falls back asleep. I am certainly thankful since the first six weeks of his life I was sleeping 2 1/2 hour stretches at the most. Those were some tough days!

Tonights Book Reading

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I made this onesie for my nephew due August 7th

and I made this winged onesie for a baby girl due August 8th!


Does anyone else ever feel like your projects are co-mingling a little TOO much?

Hamburger patties thawing next to sewing pins and fabric?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dirty Dirt Squash

Only two things have been productive in our garden this year.

grape tomatoes



I planted a bunch of seeds but we had so much spring rain that they all must have washed away.

So we have a bumper crop of mud.

Luke likes to garden so the mud crop is all his! Lucky boy!

Even though it was a hot summer day Luke wanted to wear a sweatshirt! Go figure?!

Washing off the mud with the hose. Ahhhh summer!

Baby Micah was not too sure about the mud?

Check out the thunder thighs!

Baby Micah meets grass

His expressions are so serious!

Baby hair. Never been trimmed.

Too sunny.

If that is not the "hairy eyebrow" I don't know what is?

Boy + hose

hose experimentation

His lady friends were not impressed by his water squirting skills last week...

...we are not used to having girls around. Testosterone rules.

I like this photo...crows feet and all.

Big Smiles

For some reason, Baby Micah is consistently happy when Sanibel is around! Now that Micah can sit up on his own she tries to climb into his lap.

He thinks it is the BEST!

I guess Sanibel is just looking on the bright side of life. One more Wagler = one more person to rub her belly!

They like to share kisses! We are always ready with a baby wipe...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Homemade Pizza Night

It is a tradition for our family to have pizza and movie night on Friday. I try to make homemade pizza when I can and last Friday we had this yummy Margarita Pizza! I made the crust, sauce, and cheese myself and the basil was from our garden and the tomato was a CSA tomato! Could be the best pizza I have ever had...but I have a habit of saying this a lot!

Phil stopped at the library on the way home that night and borrowed "Poohs Heffalump Movie" from the library. We have been borrowing movies from the library for FREE all summer! Your library might be the same way? The public library in Mishawaka had a great selction of movies but you did have to pay $.50 a movie but even that is a great price! I also really recommend "Poohs Heffalump Movie" Luke really likes Winnie the Pooh right now and this movie has a very good message. Luke loved it and so did I! I love Roo and Lumpy in this movie.
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