Thursday, July 8, 2010


When renovating a house one can expect to find all sorts of hidden surprises.

It is all part of the renovating adventure.

Some surprises are fun and some not so fun...

like this patch of mold that was hiding behind the baseboards in the kitchen.

Doesn't that look so NOT fun?

We never would have even noticed it if we had not removed the baseboards to lay the tile. My heart felt sick as we peeled off the trim and discovered this patch of trouble.

My brother, Drew, was confident enough in his handyman skills to brush it off! He took a wimpy boxcutter and cut the mess out. I was envisioning a scene from the movie "Money Pit"

I bleached the wood underneath and we patched the hole with new drywall and Spackle. I am so glad that it is fixed because it would have made me super nervous to know that was inside my wall hiding...Even if it was behind the refrigerator.

Speaking of "hiding."

Look who was hiding under our stove:

Lucy (The Valiant) Pevensie I presume?

Am I right literature buffs? It has to be her?

This find made me forget about my mold troubles momentarily.

I wonder how the underside of our stove compared to Narnia? Hmmmmm...


Still Learning Life said...

Ah!!! I wish I would find something like that under my stove. I think this is amazing. Please tell me you kept her. I seriously cannot imagine something more perfect for you to find under there! You know this is the sort of thing I love!

guppy and the worm said...

All I find under our stove are greasy dust bunnies and a spoon...

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