Friday, July 2, 2010


Remember how I said that we have been playing a lot of board games lately? Games like "Candyland" and "Hungry Hound" Luke is a little confused...he sometimes calls "Hungry Hound" by the name of "Checkers" until we were at Cracker Barrel and we showed him the real "Checkers" game. It turns out that he is not much of a "Checkers" fan. BUT he is a "Chess" fan. Ever since Phil showed him how to play "Chess" last week he asks me 8 times a day "Want to play Chess mama?" To which I reply "You go ahead and set it up"

So he does!

And it is not even close to being ready for game play but he is on the right track. All of the rooks (castles) are in the corners and on the correct sides. Both sets of kings and queens are together. The bishop is next to the king and queen.

I am impressed and humbled.

His memory continues to amaze me!

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Lisa said...

Pretty soon Phil is going to be out maneuvered by that little guy in Chess! Just you wait and see!

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