Sunday, May 24, 2009

Afternoon Biking

Look out!

Now that's a good daddy!

Love them!

Still no pedaling

A Garden is Born

This is my parents garden. My mom and I planted a few things but my dad pretty much did everything!

Hoeing a row

My apprentice

He loved the spade

More Laundry Soaping

I made laundry soap today in my summer home kitchen!

My dad thinks it is funny that I do this in my tiny kitchen and this kitchen is even tinier!

A Dog's Life/ What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Sanibel has been loving her summer vacation. To the dismay of my dad, my parents have a never ending supply of chipmunks. My dad has all sorts of traps set for the little chippers. Sanibel is exceedingly thankful for the supply. She is always on the hunt as you can see here! Now if only she could actually catch one!

Hopefully she makes it through the summer without damaging all of my moms plants!

New Sunglasses

Everyone looks so much cooler in sunglasses! And you just feel cooler. Why is that?

Pampered Pizza

I recently went to a Pampered Chef bridal shower! I LOVE that kind of stuff and I LOVE Pampered Chef! The consultant and bride-to-be demonstrated how to make a wonderful pizza recipe and it was DELISH... of course I HAD to make it myself! Here it is. Yum.

It is so easy to make all you do is:

1) Brush your stone (in my case a pan) with olive oil
2) Unroll the pizza crust (you know the premade pop-out of the package kind)
3) Brush the dough with olive oil and fresh pressed garlic
4) Cover crust with mozzarella cheese
5) Cover cheese with freshly sliced tomatoes and topping of choice
6) Bake according to the crust package instructions!


Race Day!

Luke saw this race style shopping cart from the parking lot and insisted on driving it. Of course Phil made ME push it around Kroger. It really is a monster to push around. I only slammed into a few things and I am not exaggerating!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Handsome law students!
(Brandon, Phil, Peter, and John the groom)

The happy couple!
(I couldn't go because I was recovering from surgery but Phil took this so that I could see Vivianne's dress. What a good husband!)

A stocking of Ale in case the bar closed.

Parents to be!

My friends missed me! (Isn't is obvious?)

Congrats John and Vivianne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My mom and I found this great train table at a garage sale for $25

Doesn't it look fun?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love This Guy

Luke shows dad the measuring spoons

Happiness over a regulation sized basketball


Students Gots to Move

We helped our friends The Gaynors move all of their stuff into a P.O.D.S.

This thing was FULL!!!!!!!!

Luke ran around

Tina and I picked up lunch

I tried to keep Luke out of the POD

The POD was very hot inside!

So we cooled off inside with snacks!

Bye Gaynors! You are missed already!

Welcome to Island Club Living

Our view! I really actually LOVE it!

Luke checks out his new room

The hired help. (They wish)

Futons can be fun!

Do you like our parking space?
Our front door

If you come to visit we will get out the camping chairs!

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