Friday, January 20, 2012

Why We Chose the Name Bevin

Ever wonder how you got your name? It is kind of a big deal for parents! There is pressure. Expectations from family. You are naming a person and you don't even know them yet. You have not seen them and you have never officially met face to face!

Some decisions that I have to make are stressful. Like when Phil was choosing his internship. I fasted and prayed over it. We made lists of pros and cons for all the options. And when we finally did make our decision we had to try it out and see if it was a good fit. But then yesterday I chose new glasses and tried on tons of pairs. I picked a few to take home to try and get opinions. Right when the girl helping me was boxing them up I turned around and literally picked up a pair off the display and tried them on. They were the ones! I apologized for being difficult and ordered them right there. Sometimes the right thing just jumps right out in front of you! Don't you just love that?!

Way back when we found out that we were having a girl we felt some pressure. We had never picked a girl name before! Over the course of 2 evenings we took turns reading all of the girl names aloud from a baby name book. It was nice and entertaining for the boys and hey we were spending time together but we didn't like any of them. None of the names felt right. In the process I found an old post it note in the book with 2 girl names written on it. It was from when we were looking for a girl name during Luke's pregnancy. I suggested it again to Phil and he didn't like it but he did not rule it out.

We were mostly just passing time in between ultrasounds. We wanted to name this baby whether she was born alive or not. Once we were given the all clear from the high risk doctor and the baby was doing well from what we could tell in the ultrasounds we started the name thing again. I just kept bringing up the name Bevin. It meant "Fair Lady" and I really liked that idea and liked the sound of the name. It was different but Phil still wasn't sure. We kept trying it out and saying it. As people were asking us about names we would mention it and try it out. I felt like it just felt right!

One day I decided to google the name Bevin and see what came up? Not very much did but I did find this picture:

Bevin Prince

It kind of freaked me out! This girl kind of looks like me or I look like her! Now I know there is no way to know what our Bevin will look like but this felt like a sign! Don't you think so? I found no other Bevins and I found that Bevin is not on any popular baby name list anywhere. That was appealing to me. She could be her own person and identity from the beginning!

So from then on I just knew that her name would be Bevin! Some decisions are super easy! Phil came to a similar conclusion by trying out the name and getting good feedback from other people. I think that he needed affirmation from someone outside of me that it was a nice name. So that was that. The middle name was not so easy...

On delivery day after Bevin was born my mother in law wrote out two different spellings of Bevin's full name so that we could look at it and pick a spelling of Noelle.

Noelle means "Merry Christmas" in French. We tentatively decided that Noelle would be her middle name if Bevin was born before or around Christmas. We just had not decided on a spelling. When I looked at Bevin Noel and Bevin Noelle I just liked the way that the 2nd spelling looked better! Plus I liked that the spelling would be different than the NOEL sign that you see in Christmas decorations around the holidays. So that was that!

Bevin Noelle Wagler

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Lisa said...

Beautiful name for a beautiful little darling girl:-) The name suits her perfectly<3

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