Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bevin's Birth Story - Part 3

Saturday was a healing day. The cpap was doing its job and keeping her oxygen levels up. It was also discharge day for me. I worked on resting and pumping milk in my room. We checked out that night around 11 PM and went home to sleep in our own beds.

Sunday is even better! The cpap comes off! The nurse moved her feeding tube from her mouth to her nose and she got her first feeding. 10 ml of breastmilk! We can actually see her face and hair! She also gets another chest x-ray and the hole in her lung has healed up! Such encouraging news!

First feeding!

Unwashed hair

It's so fun to finally see Bevin looking like a baby.

Dark hair but light underneath.

B starts in with light therapy for her jaundice.

Monday they clamp off her chest tube to make sure that it is no longer needed before removing it. Progress keeps being made and no set backs! We are so thankful.

She loves to stretch when she gets the chance!

She is able to keep the 10 ml of milk down so they move it up to 20!

The bruising on the eyelids makes its appearance.

Bottle feeding starts Monday too!

The nurse does the bottle feeding because of the chest tube.

Breastmilk in these bottles too! She does really well and keeps them down so they keep adding more milk at each feeding.

Even though I can't feed her yet I try to get as close as possible!


Tuesday the chest tube comes out! The x-ray showed the hole had healed up so the doctor took it out and put a dressing on. She can finally lay on her side for a little bit and she seems to love it!

We FINALLY get to hold her and give her a bottle!

She is so light and tiny!

Wednesday I get to try breastfeeding! She latched right on the first try. My easiest breastfeeder ever!

It's so fun to finally hold her!

Thursday I decided to stay for the day and Phil goes into work for a half day. I want to be there so that I can keep breastfeeding on a regular schedule.

I wait around all morning for the doctor to come by and give his report but there is a lot going on and a new patient that needs his attention. I wait as long as I can but at 1:00 pm decide to go to lunch...

...and OF COURSE while I am gone the doctor comes and orders off her light therapy and oxygen! I was so surprised when I walked into her room. I know that this means she will get to go home soon! They also stop her antibiotics and take out the IV.

Friday I decide to stay the whole day AND I drive myself to the hospital myself. I wasn't supposed to drive for a week after giving birth. She gets her hearing screen while she is taking the 2 hour car seat test. She has to keep her oxygen levels up while sitting in her car seat before she can go home. Also I have to watch 3 videos before she can be discharged. One about shaken baby syndrome which just about makes me sick and I have to close my eyes to calm my anxiety. The other 2 were about SIDS and car seat safety.

She passes both tests and I don't remember why but they want her to stay another night, maybe even two. That night Phil and I rearrange the car seats in the car and make room for her infant seat!

The next morning Bevin is swaddled up and laying in a regular baby hospital bassinet!

All cleaned up and ready to go home!

After signing a paper or two and putting her footprint on the wall she gets to go home! Our nurse packs up her breastmilk and gives us a huge bag full of diapers, bottles, wipes etc. We are a little nervous but excited to take her home to her brothers!

Going home on day 9!

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