Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bringing Home Bevin

9 Days after Miss Bevin Noelle Wagler arrived into this world she gets to go home from the NICU!

Eyes are still bruised and swollen from her quick delivery. Getting better every day!

Upgrade to a big girl bed!

Stamping her foot on the wall outside the NICU

Leaving her mark at Dupont Hospital

Daddy picked the perfect spot!

All the NICU babies that have gone home over the last 3 years.


Ready to discharge with our nurse Melissa.

Ready to go home!

Brothers meeting sister for the first time. Super sweetness!

Here comes sister.

Proud brothers!

Big brother for the 2nd time

Micah gets to be a big brother too!

Together at last!

Grandma has been waiting for this!

I love all of their expressions!

All of the milk that I have been pumping!

Relaxed to be home. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!


guppy and the worm said...

Such a happy reunion! I was so honored to be there. My heart was pounding with relief and JOY. And now my eyes are filled with happy tears reading about today.
God has been so good to us all..We are blessed and blessed and blessed with 2 boys and now a little girl!
We thank you God. We know your hands were holding Bevin and guiding her towards home with her family.

Laura said...

I'm so so so happy that she's home! I have tears looking at those boys loving their sister, especially Luke. Such a tender expression on his face, looking at his sister. What a miracle baby she is!

Erica and Nate said...

Congrats!! Your family pic is great!

Lisa said...

What glorious pictures of the Wagler family (+ Grandma Fishbaugh) together at last!! Does Luke think Bevin looks like anyone he knows? I also love the expression on the boys' faces. Just precious!

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