Monday, December 5, 2011

35 Weeks

Baby girl still growing strong! I've been feeling lots of big kicks and stretches from the inside and outside. Baby is heads down and very low. I feel most all of the big kicks on my right side. I think that she also tries to extend her legs out that way as well. Ouch! My midwife said that she still has plenty of room to move around. So I guess that is good for her! I just feel big and I cannot help but waddle. The end is in sight. My most recent appointment was Thursday and the midwife said that I was 3 weeks away from her not stopping labor. That kind of puts things into perspective! We are all a little anxious.

I met with my Doula (same one from Micah's birth) and she is planning on driving up from Bloomington for the delivery. We suddenly seem to have plenty of pink outfits and sleepers! I have a labor song picked out and my birth affirmation book ready to go. We have a 3 minute drive to the hospital. I guess you could say we are ready! My midwife thinks that I am overly obsessed with the labor and delivery. She also said that she sensed some anxiety from me. I assured her that my anxiety is only related to the anxiety that she alerted me to in our first meeting. And as far as being over prepared for labor?? The best way for me to relax is to be over prepared! At first, I was kind of upset but then I realized (just like most medical professionals) that she does not know me. She does not know that when someone tells me NOT to do something or thinks that I can't do something I see it as a challenge. That's just fuel to my fire! My new game plan is to do what I want and keep my mouth shut. I don't need any negativity at this stage. Believe me, I have had my fair share. I am excited to see how this all plays out!!!!!!!

I finally sat down and made the baby blanket. I have made blankets for both boys and had fun feminizing this one! I can't wait to wrap her up in it. Luke wrapped himself up in it last night and he seems excited to be getting a girl (his words)!

I got a little carried away and made some newborn headbands. It dawned on me that we have zero hair pieces! No worries about that now. And since I had some extra fabric I made some blanket minis. You know the kind that can be used as burp cloths, lovies, hankies, or doll blankets.

LOVE it all, WORTH it all!


Lisa said...

I am getting so excited for all these babies to be here...yours, Jennifer's, and Autumn's (Andress's daughter-in-law) It's just going to be baby heaven:)

guppy and the worm said...

I'm excited for this little girl to arrive also....She will be loved and thats whats ,pink, and more pink coming up!

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