Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top Ten Things To Do With Your Prepregnancy Jeans

Top Ten Things To Do With Your Prepregnancy Jeans

1. Hem then and make pants for the baby

2. Lengthen them and make pants for your husband

3. Burn them in the backyard fire pit, and roast some hot dogs and make s' mores over them

4. Use them to patch your husbands torn jeans

5. Cut them up for burp cloths

6. Hand them on the fridge for weight-loss motivation

7. Bury them in the time capsule, along with your white silk shirts and size 34A bra

8. Hang them on the clothesline, so people driving by still think you can fit into them

9. Save them for your child's teenage years as proof that you were cool once

10. Lose the weight and wear them!

I read this in a book called "Rattled" by Trish Berg. I was literally laughing out loud last night, while everyone was sleeping, when I was reading it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Break

The law school had Fall Break this week, which worked out well because my business classes were finishing this week (end of the 1st quarter). I did not have too much going on, though, because my business classes were pretty much finished the week before besides a couple of problems in my spreadsheet modeling class.

I put in extra time doing my GA assignment Monday and Tuesday, so the rest of the week I was able to spend a lot of time at home. I played, played, played with Luke. He is nonstop when it comes to playing! He mostly wants to play with Sanibel's toys instead of his though. He figured out this week that he can flip the small rocking chair upside down and then push it around. He walks behind it, and we think it is pretty funny! Unfortunately, he has hit himself in the head a few times when flipping it over.

practicing walking

an empty toy shelf


going for a walk

Luke's new expression!

Wednesday we went to Bryan Park for a Kelley Kids playgroup, and Kristen & Jonah were the only others to show up. Jonah is a few months older than Luke, so he is walking around and likes the playground. Luke likes to slide and swinging is okay. He also likes playing with the climbing wall and the wood chips!

swinging at Bryan Park

riding the bee

going on the slide was Luke's favorite playground activity!

checking out his fire truck


Luke put the pacifier in by himself

Luke loves the monkey wrapping paper!

Yellowwood State Forest

Last weekend we decided that we should go to Brown County before we missed seeing the fall colors. Saturday ended up being a great day to go, so we invited Peter & Tina to go with us to Yellowwood State Forest. Yellowwood is about 10 miles outside Bloomington, soon after you cross into Brown County.

Yellowwood State Forest

Alli, Phil, & Luke

The colors were great - a lot of leaves had fallen already, so it was fun to hike the trails with them crunching under our feet! The DNR is doing work on the area surrounding the lake, so they have drained portions of it and it is down 13 feet. We hiked partially around the lake, and then we walked back where the lake normally is. The ground was squishy, and there were large cracks from the lake floor drying. We found quite a few pieces of trash buried in the dirt - cans and bottles mostly.

Tina & Peter


the dry lake

an old 7-Up bottle

Luke was awake when we first got to the trails, and he loved the stuffed beaver in the DNR office where we found out information about the trails. I strapped him to me for the hike, though, and he was asleep within minutes. He ended up sleeping the entire hike, and he did not wake up until I was taking him off!

starting our hike

Pumpkin Patch

Last week we went to the Pumpkin Patch at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, which is the church we attend. The church brings in a semi-load of pumpkins and gourds and runs a pumpkin patch for the month of October. The money that is made is then used to help with building projects in the yearly mission trip to Mexico in the summer.

Luke eating straw . . .

. . . and eating a pumpkin!

This was Luke's first time around pumpkins, and he seemed to like them. He found a small pumpkin that he wanted, and he kept going back to it, so we got it for him. Alli and I picked out a larger one to carve next week.

Luke in the obstacle course.

Luke is pretty smart - he knows that one pumpkin is the "small pumpkin" and one is the "big pumpkin" but mostly just likes to play with both of them.

Alli & Luke

Jonah & Luke

Jonah & Luke again

Philip, Luke, Mike, & Jonah

Friday, October 10, 2008

Classic Starter Jacket

My friend Peter has a classic Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket. His wife Tina does not approve of him wearing it. During our first year of law school he wore it on Halloween as his costume, going as a middle school student from the 1990s. Words do not do justice.

Scarlet fits in the pouch.

Old pictures from our small group

I found these old pictures of people from the small group we were part of our first 2 years in Bloomington. We did things through the church - like serving free hot dogs at an IU football game, yard work at a local school, and adopt-a-family for Christmas. Some of us also took part in the drive-through nativity scenes at the church around Christmas one year. Here are a few pictures of us doing those things!

Cooking hot dogs at the IU-Michigan football game

We cooked (and ate) a lot of hot dogs!

A last supper disciple and an ascension woman.

Scott, Sophie, Ramona, Pete, Allison, and Philip at the live Nativity

Ramona & Pete

Pete, Peter, Allison, & Sophie wrapping presents for our adopted family

Peter & Allison

Ramona holding Luke & Scott petting Cochise

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Last weekend my cousin John got married, and Allison, Luke, and I traveled to LaGrange for the wedding (held in Brighton, IN). It turned out to be a great day. The weather was beautiful and the wedding went smoothly.

Luke & Grandpa Wagler

Luke & Grandma Wagler

Luke & Great-Grandpa Workman

Allison and I hosted the reception, so I introduced the couples and prayed at the beginning. I also made the announcements. In addition, John asked me to take pictures at the wedding, so I was the photographer! I was pretty nervous, but the pictures turned out okay. Allison helped with sending the couples down the aisle, so she was pretty involved also! I don't think my mom and dad minded, though, because they took care of Luke during the wedding.

Josh & Jerod . . . or is it Jerod & Josh?

Allison & John figuring out the timing

Luke at the wedding!

It was a pretty busy week for us. I am currently finishing my interviews for summer internships (summer 2009) through the law school, so I have been meeting with quite a few firms. I had an interview in Dayton on Thursday and a lunch in South Bend on Friday before the wedding started. We also were able to stop at Bethel to see the changes that have happened since I left.

Allison & Philip with John & Jessica

Robbie & Arthur

Our family

After the wedding Saturday, we went back to my mom & dad's and had dinner before packing and heading to Fort Wayne. We spent the night with Allison's parents and then met Robbie, Tiffany, Arthur, Sophie, Mom, Dad, Stephanie, and her friend Ayla at Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate Arthur's 2nd birthday.

Philip & Arthur 2 years ago!

Allison & Arthur 2 years ago!

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