Thursday, October 9, 2008


Last weekend my cousin John got married, and Allison, Luke, and I traveled to LaGrange for the wedding (held in Brighton, IN). It turned out to be a great day. The weather was beautiful and the wedding went smoothly.

Luke & Grandpa Wagler

Luke & Grandma Wagler

Luke & Great-Grandpa Workman

Allison and I hosted the reception, so I introduced the couples and prayed at the beginning. I also made the announcements. In addition, John asked me to take pictures at the wedding, so I was the photographer! I was pretty nervous, but the pictures turned out okay. Allison helped with sending the couples down the aisle, so she was pretty involved also! I don't think my mom and dad minded, though, because they took care of Luke during the wedding.

Josh & Jerod . . . or is it Jerod & Josh?

Allison & John figuring out the timing

Luke at the wedding!

It was a pretty busy week for us. I am currently finishing my interviews for summer internships (summer 2009) through the law school, so I have been meeting with quite a few firms. I had an interview in Dayton on Thursday and a lunch in South Bend on Friday before the wedding started. We also were able to stop at Bethel to see the changes that have happened since I left.

Allison & Philip with John & Jessica

Robbie & Arthur

Our family

After the wedding Saturday, we went back to my mom & dad's and had dinner before packing and heading to Fort Wayne. We spent the night with Allison's parents and then met Robbie, Tiffany, Arthur, Sophie, Mom, Dad, Stephanie, and her friend Ayla at Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate Arthur's 2nd birthday.

Philip & Arthur 2 years ago!

Allison & Arthur 2 years ago!

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