Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top Ten Things To Do With Your Prepregnancy Jeans

Top Ten Things To Do With Your Prepregnancy Jeans

1. Hem then and make pants for the baby

2. Lengthen them and make pants for your husband

3. Burn them in the backyard fire pit, and roast some hot dogs and make s' mores over them

4. Use them to patch your husbands torn jeans

5. Cut them up for burp cloths

6. Hand them on the fridge for weight-loss motivation

7. Bury them in the time capsule, along with your white silk shirts and size 34A bra

8. Hang them on the clothesline, so people driving by still think you can fit into them

9. Save them for your child's teenage years as proof that you were cool once

10. Lose the weight and wear them!

I read this in a book called "Rattled" by Trish Berg. I was literally laughing out loud last night, while everyone was sleeping, when I was reading it!

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