Friday, October 24, 2008

Yellowwood State Forest

Last weekend we decided that we should go to Brown County before we missed seeing the fall colors. Saturday ended up being a great day to go, so we invited Peter & Tina to go with us to Yellowwood State Forest. Yellowwood is about 10 miles outside Bloomington, soon after you cross into Brown County.

Yellowwood State Forest

Alli, Phil, & Luke

The colors were great - a lot of leaves had fallen already, so it was fun to hike the trails with them crunching under our feet! The DNR is doing work on the area surrounding the lake, so they have drained portions of it and it is down 13 feet. We hiked partially around the lake, and then we walked back where the lake normally is. The ground was squishy, and there were large cracks from the lake floor drying. We found quite a few pieces of trash buried in the dirt - cans and bottles mostly.

Tina & Peter


the dry lake

an old 7-Up bottle

Luke was awake when we first got to the trails, and he loved the stuffed beaver in the DNR office where we found out information about the trails. I strapped him to me for the hike, though, and he was asleep within minutes. He ended up sleeping the entire hike, and he did not wake up until I was taking him off!

starting our hike

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