Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Break

The law school had Fall Break this week, which worked out well because my business classes were finishing this week (end of the 1st quarter). I did not have too much going on, though, because my business classes were pretty much finished the week before besides a couple of problems in my spreadsheet modeling class.

I put in extra time doing my GA assignment Monday and Tuesday, so the rest of the week I was able to spend a lot of time at home. I played, played, played with Luke. He is nonstop when it comes to playing! He mostly wants to play with Sanibel's toys instead of his though. He figured out this week that he can flip the small rocking chair upside down and then push it around. He walks behind it, and we think it is pretty funny! Unfortunately, he has hit himself in the head a few times when flipping it over.

practicing walking

an empty toy shelf


going for a walk

Luke's new expression!

Wednesday we went to Bryan Park for a Kelley Kids playgroup, and Kristen & Jonah were the only others to show up. Jonah is a few months older than Luke, so he is walking around and likes the playground. Luke likes to slide and swinging is okay. He also likes playing with the climbing wall and the wood chips!

swinging at Bryan Park

riding the bee

going on the slide was Luke's favorite playground activity!

checking out his fire truck


Luke put the pacifier in by himself

Luke loves the monkey wrapping paper!

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