Friday, July 2, 2010

Fabric Delight

Monday, I visited Ft. Wayne's own fabric warehouse! I was in heaven.

Heritage Fabrics

It didn't take me long to find my way to the toiles. It is my 7th sense.

A room devoted to silks!

I can think of an application for each one of these fabrics. Just try me!

At times I feel like I am done with design as a profession. The artist in me gets frustrated with it not being creative enough! I am so over the exhaustion of "spinning my wheels" with clients in an effort to just sell them SOMETHING because in the end it (I hate to say it) really is all about the money. Hey, I've got bills to pay.

I have felt like a glorified and over educated sales person one too many times.

But then I see a sea of Fabricut and Tapestria books and I melt!

Maybe I am not as much as a design grouch as I thought?

Hello Duralee. It has been too long...

A room FULL of trims.

$14.99 a yard? Yes.

It can be a tough balance between loving your profession and making a living. I suspect that everyone has been at this crossroads at least once and probably more. I know someone that does design work solely as a ministry.

Maybe she is onto something...

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