Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Monday I turned 28! Twenty eight years ago on Labor Day my mom went into the hospital for an induction after being in labor all weekend. Her water broke on Friday and the doctor didn't want to induce until Monday!!! In addition to that I was born 15 days after my due date!!! I guess I really didn't want to be born!? Ha ha!

In reflection, after having given birth, I have a new respect for "birth days." It really is a celebration for the parents as well! Last night on my favorite show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" the whole family revisited the hospital room etc, where Jon and Kate's sextuplets were delivered 10 weeks early on Labor Day!!!! I was struck by how important and sentimental the whole trip was for Kate (the mom). The point of the trip was to show the sextuplets where they were born and visit with the doctors and hospital staff. I felt myself relating with Kate as she was walking the halls of the hospital and hugging the nurses and doctors. The sextuplets are still only 4 and could only appreciate the experience on their own level but Kate was very emotional. I could see how important it was for Kate to make this journey for her own personal triumph and celebration!

I anticipate Luke's 1st birthday on a similar level. I also realize that my parents and all parents for that matter probably feel similar emotions as well. I have struggled with the emotions of "feeling" older or thinking that I look older. If I look too closely at myself in the mirror I could really analyze this issue to death and feel sorry for myself. It is then that I must look to those around me and feel blessed by their support and encouragement. I also turn to my Heavenly Father for affirmation and support. And then I have a delicious brownie (or 3) and reflect on another year.
Luke dressed and ready to go to church!

My birthday call from Tiffany, Rob, Arthur, and Sophie! Thanks for the singing!

Luke sitting in daddy's chair. Future executive?

Phil gave Sanibel a bath and Luke cracked up laughing!

"Hi Grandpa! Do your gobble"

Sweet sleeper

Reading with Grandma


Guppy & the Worm said...

Alli, Looking fantastic in your white camisole!! Keep up the hard work of running after a almost toddler! Love, MOM

Guppy & the Worm said...

I guess Lucas is a toddler! Once they are able to move on their own thats a toddler???

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