Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo!

This weekend we went to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo and had a blast! It took us 5 hours to see it all! Luke made it the whole time without a nap, and then he crashed moments after we started the car to go home!

The zoo recently constructed an African exhibit, and it was pretty neat. One of the best parts of it was the lions, when the male lion came right up to the viewing window and laid down to nap. Unfortunately Luke was standing right beside the glass when the lion came walking up to it, and he got scared! He calmed down enough for us to get a picture though.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lost and Found

I found this photo of Luke on our camera the other day. This was taken the day that we were putting the Christmas decorations away. Pre-walking...time flies...

A New Addition

Gioia Elizabeth McNeilly was born at 12:21PM on Saturday June 27, 2009! She weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and measured 21 inches.
I just happened upon them at the Bloomington Hospital!!!

Proud Parents!

Three Rivers Festival 2009

Last Saturday we hedged our bets with the weather and went to the Three Rivers Parade!

It was enjoyable! Plenty of firetrucks, police cars, antique cars, floats, clowns etc. Even Santa Claus made a quick trip to the Fort from the North Pole!

The courthouse had a Family Fun event going on!

Luke used daddy as his motor.

The "Chalk Walk" had the largest turnout ever!!! Anyone can buy a square on this blocked-off street and create whatever they want! It is very cool to watch. We saw lot's of families doing this together!

Luke liked the balloons!

Jefferson Pointe had a Kid Fest too! Luke got to pet some animals!

His favorite was brushing the miniature horse. He did it with a brush in each hand!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Frogs, Trampolines, and More

It has been nice to be in Fort Wayne and close to family again. We have made it up a few times to my mom & dad's home in LaGrange, and Luke has been able to play with his cousin Arthur. Sophie is not too sure about playing yet.

Philip, Luke, and Arthur on the trampoline

Luke did not want to bend his knees!

Sophie was not impressed

Is that a frog?

That is a frog!!

Luke touched it after we sprayed it with some water.

Sophie, what did you do?

I don't know if we can fix this!

I can fix it!

Arthur and his Chinese/Indian whistle

Sophie with Grandpa

Swinging and golfing!

Who knows where the pacifier came from?

Chalk Walk

Luke loves the sidewalk chalk, although he mostly likes us to draw things and then he fills in the pictures with random lines! He also likes to sit smack-dab in the middle of the drawings and get the chalk all over himself. He is quite the artist!

Luke has also been taking gymnastics classes

Barefoot chalk drawing is best!

Ohio Trip

Recently Allison and Luke went with Grandma Wagler to Ohio to visit Grandma Wagler. Luckily, Aunt Gloria was around also!

Luke & Aunt Gloria checking out the rocking chair

It's always time for snacks!

June Wedding & Birthday

In mid-June we were back in the LaGrange area for my cousin Josh's wedding. I was a groomsmen, and Alli sang a few songs in the wedding. It was fun, but also a long weekend. The rehearsal and dinner were Friday night, the wedding and reception on Saturday, and then we were back in Brighton for Sophie's dedication and birthday.

At the church, pre-wedding

Uncle Robbie and Lucas in his amish-boy outfit

The outfit did not last long once we got to the reception. Thank you juice box!

Luckily we had a change of clothes. Better for dancing anyway!

After not getting much juice in his actual mouth, Luke needed many drinks from the drinking fountain. This turned out to be his 2nd favorite activity at the reception.

The water fountain was only 2nd to dancing. We found out our little man is not shy about getting on the dance floor! He cried when we told him it was time to go, so we let him dance another 10 minutes. He was asleep less than 5 minutes after we left the reception. Thanks Gracie!

We gave Sophie her birthday present after church - a picnic table & matching sunglasses!

Luke loved the little table

Sophie's 1st birthday
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