Friday, June 27, 2008

Paris: Day 1

Yesterday we left for Paris. My internship in Fort Wayne ended, and we have been preparing for our trip to Paris. The packing spanned a few nights, but it was stressful down to the minute we left as we continued to remember things we wanted to take. We left Fort Wayne a little later than planned, and we barely outran some nasty thunderstorms headed our way. Unfortunately, a few semis ahead of us could not handle the winds and we were held up for a short time. We made it to the Indy airport nearly two hours early, which was the goal. Upon checking in, we discovered the travel agent had not sent us Luke's paper ticket. It seems that Luke's ticket is sitting in Bloomington and was never sent to us! One hour and forty minutes later we had Luke's ticket and were running to catch our flight to Detroit.
The connection was pretty smooth, although we went straight from the first plane to the line for the second one and did not get to eat anything. Alli filled our water bottles halfway and we boarded the international flight. It flew overnight, and Luke slept nearly the entire time. Unfortunately, neither Allison nor I got much sleep. We were acting as human pillows for the little guy. The people around us appreciated it, however, as they commented that Luke was a very good traveler.
Once we landed in Paris, we hit a few snags, as the lines to enter the country were held up for a short time and then we had trouble locating the stroller. We hired a taxi to take us to our apartment, and 17 1/2 hours after we left Fort Wayne we arrived at our apartment in Paris. What a trip!

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Leslie Dillon said...

HI you guys,

Glad to hear that you made it okay and that you like your new temporary abode, or should I say maison? It looks cute. I can't believe your travel agent forgot Luke's ticket. What was she thinking? Take care and keep us posted on all your adventures. Love, Aunt Lisa,,

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