Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spidey to Save the Day

A few weeks ago Luke woke up in the middle of his morning nap with a high fever! It really scared me. He was so out of it and his temp kept registering higher and higher. So, being me, I got scared and removed the thermometer! I panicked and picked him up and ran downstairs to grab my phone to call 911. Yes, I am one those people. Fortunately I pulled myself together and called the doctor's office first. The nurse practitioner could see him in 3 hours! THREE HOURS??!!!! Panic started to set in again. What will I do until them. So, my next action was to call Phil even though I knew that he was in class. Of course he didn't answer so I kept calling! I needed him!!!!!!!!!!!! What he could do over the phone is...well...nothing...but I needed him to answer all the same. I was so scared.

Now I REALLY had to pull it together. The nurse said that he had blisters on the back of his throat and it was viral. That means no antibiotics. He was so sad and pathetic at the office. I felt really bad for him.

Here is a photo and Luke and Phil later that evening. They just laid on the couch together.

We made two more doctor visits over the next two weeks. He seems to be doing better now. He eventually did get antibiotics for an ear infection. Poor little guy. He seems to be doing much better now!

The photo with Spiderman is in the Dr's office!

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