Sunday, June 7, 2009

Parkview Park

Ft. Wayne has a NEW baseball field. We finally got to go on Friday. It really is a beautiful ball park! Phil's family joined us for the "Star Wars" themed event! (It was very sunny and bright!)

Luke's first baseball game! He had his mitt and everything! He even wore a "Star Wars" t-shirt!

We sat on the grassy hill in right field
Luke had a hard time staying in one place. It was a really steep hill!

Luke meets a Sith Lord of some kind. There were many characters walking around. Including Darth Vadar.

Luke is not okay with this...

During the 3rd inning we went for a little walk

It looks like the real thing!

It felt good to be out of the sun!

Johnny Tincap staged this and Luke cried

Plenty of beverages!

Lots of kids had costumes!

Who knew that Luke liked nachos?

He is a true double dipper

His technique is to dip the chip in cheese, lick the cheese off, and then dip the same chip back in for more cheese. I just thought that I would warn you in case you ever share nachos with him!

Once I realized his technique I put a stop to it! No more double dipping!

Grandpa had peanuts!

We stayed for the entire game plus the fireworks afterward, which were well worth it! Not a bad night for a $5 ticket!

1 comment:

Tina said...

I am glad to be forewarned about the double-dipping. I wish I could do that with chocolate fondue.

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