Friday, November 6, 2009

Elmo Gets Candy

Luke was Elmo for Halloween!

Can you tell that he is happy about it?

Grandma Fishbaugh practiced trick or treating with Luke earlier in the week so he already knows what to do and is raring to go.

All set to go!

We went to Winslow Farms to try trick or treating. We even went to the Gaynors old house!

1st attempt.

He really liked getting candy!

Two pugs dressed as hotdogs!

We went to some friends house from school.

Lili, Drew and Sams' house.

Phil gave Luke a Crunch bar in the car.

We finished the night visiting with Pete, Ramona, and Cochise (the chocolate lab)!

Luke had a blast and so did mommy and daddy. In fact, I don't think that Phil wanted to stop. We eventaully did have to go home because I had chicken in the oven! We had orange chicken for dinner when we got home and candy of course!

1 comment:

guppy and the worm said...

I loved watching Lucas going trick or treating....thanks for sharing! Love you, Lucas , Gam-ma

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