Wednesday, January 13, 2010

35 Weeks

Saturday we had our birth class. So, I guess this is all really going to happen whether we are ready or not! We think that we are ready. We made a place for baby Micah in our room and all of his clothes are washed and ready. We also have added about 20 new reusable diapers to our diaper stash thanks to my part-time job! It is debatable to whether that is going to be enough or not? The hope is that eventually Luke will be potty training and moving away from diapers. We will see on that one!

As you can see, my belly has expanded quite a bit! Baby Micah does not have very much room left to move around. He has stayed in the same position for the past few weeks. He is heads down with his back and bum on my right side. Yesterday when I woke up I was surprised to find him on my left side! It really made me feel squashed and odd. There must not have been much room there because about an hour later he found his spot back on my right side. He is still very active and I can feel his every move. I like to think that he is "leaping for joy" like John the Baptist! I try to think positively because I have entered into the waiting/uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. I have become a little paranoid about my water breaking. I did not think about that with Luke but his labor started with my water breaking. I know that all labors are different but since that is my only experience it is fresh in my mind!

I start my weekly appointments with my doctor tomorrow. It really is the end! From now on out baby Micah will mostly be putting on weight. We want him to have those chubby cheeks and arms! That's what makes babies the cutest! He is probably a little under 6 lbs. and 18 inches long. I am excited for my appointment tomorrow to see how he is growing. At my last appointment I was 34 weeks but measuring 35 weeks! I am hopeful that was Micah gaining weight and not me just enjoying the holiday goodies a little too much!

Phil starts class again tomorrow! Last semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so relieved and blessed to be entering the final law school hoorah and season of life. He only has 9 credit hours this semester so we look forward to having him around and available at home. What a fantastic season to be having a second baby?!

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Lisa said...

You are glowing in these photos, Alli. Pregnancy certainly agrees with you!

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