Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Easiest Recipe Ever


Is it even considered a recipe?

More of a method maybe?

Heavy Cream

That's it!

If you are looking for something totally easy and gratifying then butter is your thing!

I started by skimming off the cream from my contraband milk with a measuring cup.

Next, poured the cream into my KitchenAid mixer and used the whisk attachment.

I found the 6 setting to be a good speed and let it do all the work for about 15 minutes.

This makes me sooooo happy!

"Butter, oh Jo, isn't butter divinity?" or something like that. Does anyone remember this line from "Little Women?"

I plopped the butter on my cheesecloth and squeezed out the milk. Yeah, you can save the milk and drink it and use it in recipes. It is buttermilk. Next I kneaded it a little and added a little sprinkling of kosher salt for flavor and crunch!

One gallon of milk made just enough to pack into a pint glass jar for safe keeping.

Here is my homemade butter next to grocery store butter. I can tell that my milk was from grass fed cows because it is so bright and yellow in color. Is it just me or does my Kroger butter seem boring now?

And now for the "baked potato test"

Yum! And double YUM!!

You know it passes the test when your husband simply says:

"It tastes like butter"


guppy and the worm said...

Where do you get contraband milk? Or should you tell anyone?

Sophie said...

You are my cooking hero!

Lisa said...

Les loved making butter with her kids at Conner Prairie camp every summer where they would just put cream in a jar and let the kids shake it until they had butter. As a matter of fact when she was a camper she always looked forward to to making the butter and then spreading it on some sort of corn cake or biscuit that they baked over an open fire.

Leslie D. said...

looks like my mom beat me to the punch here, but you don't even need a kitchenaid mixer, just cream in a jar...and some excited kids :)

Alli and Phil said...

I get it through the milk club from Hopeful Farms. Sophie, you are my hero! I have made it in a jar before too at girl scouts and at school! I didn't want to do that this time though because I had a lot of cream and I didn't think that I had the energy! We went to the zoo that day and it was HOT. Plus I like finding a reason to use my mixer. I love, Love, LOVE it!

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