Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nursery in Progress

 Bevin's room is almost finished!  The walls have been painted, the rug rolled out, and artwork on the walls.  But we still have a few serious steps to take...like a crib!  Ha!  Micah is still occupying our family crib even though he has moved into a room with his big brother.  So for the interim Bevin is sleeping in her pack and play bassinet as you will see a few photos down.  No worries!  She has not made one peep about it.  
 A few items have been hung on the walls.  It can be a little intimidating to hang things on your freshly painted walls but sometimes you just have to go for it!  I did hang this too high originally and I have to patch one small hole.  No worries.

 I LOVE the way that the stripes turned out!  Don't you?
 I also love the simple framed birth announcement.  All I did was scotch tape Bevin's birth announcement to a piece of vintage wallpaper.  (I can say vintage right?  It is a Ralph Lauren pattern from 2000 so it is a decade old.  At least it sounds cooler to say "vintage")  Then I cut the paper to fit a frame that I got from T.J Max.  I originally did it as a temporary fix until I printed the right sized photo but NOW I love it just the way it is.  Don't you love how that happens! 

 Some day a crib will go where the pack and play is now.  We are playing around with the idea of getting her a new crib that converts into a toddler bed and letting Micah stay in his crib as long as he needs.  Believe me, nobody wants that one wandering the house alone at night.    Recently I found Micah in the kitchen chopping the tops off of strawberries with our largest knife.  And before that I caught him Windexing the wall with a disinfecting wipe.  As soon as I caught him in action he took a big bite out of the wipe!  That story ended with extra babyproofing and a phone call to the pediatrician and poison control!

 Miss B enjoying the view...

 ...of her bear mobile.

 Talking to them.
 Making sure her sheep is close at hand.


M said...

It looks great Al! Bevin looks so beautiful in her pretty girly room. :)

Katie @ JK Homestead said...

I love the striped walls! Very lovely!

Tina said...

The walls look beautiful! And, your stories about Micah are cracking me up! We'll have to catch up soon for real!

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