Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Egg Hunting

 Our egg hunt this year was at the neighbors house!  We have neighbors that live across the street that are a family of 5 just like us!  Well, not JUST like us.  We have 2 boys and a girl and they have 2 girls and a boy.  Luke has been learning about all the joys that come along with having a neighbor friend!  It has been TOTALLY fun to watch as a mom.  I love to listen to their conversations and play!  It brings me a lot of joy to see them having fun together. 

The line-up

The moms hid the eggs and the dads took pictures!

Micah had a blast!

Luke was frantically trying to get the most eggs!

Our neighbors live right on the water.

Goose nest

The loot.

Bunnies must like candy?

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