Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So we had a few Christmases this year - ours here in Bloomington, one with Alli's family, one with Phil's family, one with Phil's extended family in Ohio, and one with Alli's extended family in Warren. It was pretty much a whirlwind of driving, eating, Christmas, visiting, and then doing it all again! We did it all in 6 days - Bloomington to Leo to LaGrange to Archbold, Ohio to Leo to Warren, IN to Leo to Bloomington! We had a great time though, and had a lot of fun giving the gifts we found for everyone.

Luke opening his gift!

What's in here?

Merry Christmas!

Luke loves to undecorate the tree!

We spent a few days in Leo, and Drew & Crystal came on Christmas Eve after they got off of work in Indy. We had a fantastic stew - two parts apple cider & two parts beef broth - and enjoyed the last bottle of French wine that Allison & I brought back from Paris last summer. This one was from a small family vineyard that we visited, and it was good! Luke had a fun time opening presents - he knew what to do after we had opened presents at home prior to this Christmas celebration. He loves the basketball hoop that Uncle Drew got him! He especially likes to put golf balls through the hoop (they are easier for him to get up to the hoop!).

Allison and her dad finding the gurgle pitcher

Luke and Grandma playing

Santa Luke & Mommy

Grandpa Fishbaugh putting the net on the hoop

From Leo we headed to LaGrange on Christmas day after playing some Wii bowling and Wii golf with the Fishbaugh family. Grandpa and Edna came out for lunch, and we had our traditional brunch fare and celebrated Christmas with the Waglers. We also met Stephanie's boyfriend, Tyler, for the first time. We had a fun time playing with the toys the kids got, although Dad got a little dangerous with Arthur's Spiderman punching bag! We played some Guitar hero later that night and watched a movie.

The next day was very icy, so we didn't go anywhere until late afternoon, when we went to Shipshewana to see the ice sculpture contest. Unfortunately it had warmed up too much and they had postponed most of it. We got to see a few of the sculptures, but none of the big ones. We ate at the Blue Gate for dinner, and we enjoyed spending time with Mom & Dad.

Allison, Grandma, Luke, and Great-Grandpa Workman

Stephanie & Tyler

Arthur finding his giant Mr. Potato Head; Sophie finding the paper!

Luke and Arthur

Mom with her snowglobe!

Sometimes we don't appreciate the wrapping as much as we should!

Aunt Stephanie, Sophie, and Tyler

The Saturday after Christmas was the Wagler Christmas in Ohio. Allison and I were hosting the Christmas, but because our apartment is way too small and very out of the way for all the other Waglers, we hosted it at Uncle Larry and Aunt Gloria's house in Archbold. We had great food, a fun time visiting with everyone, and enjoyed playing basketball in the barn. We had 33 show up, I think, which is about 2/3 of the 57 or so Waglers in that family.

Eli, Jackie, and Abri

Uncle Tom (in the kitchen)

Uncle Tim (also in the kitchen!)

2/3 of the Earles & Myrtie Wagler family

Uncle Robbie & Luke

Dad & Uncle Curt

Philip & Grandma

Philip, Tiffany, & Uncle Chris

Dad and Uncle Tom watching barn basketball

Jacob swinging in the barn; also Bill & Uncle Chris

Uncle Larry, Eli, Uncle Tim behind Eli, Jesse, and Brooks

hoops in the barn & no one got hurt! (Uncle Tom didn't play!)

From Ohio we headed back to Leo for the night because the Sparks Christmas was on Sunday. We headed out to Warren in the late morning, and had the opportunity to spend some time with most of the family. The gift exchange was highlighted by Drew's gift, which was stinky French cheese (Muenster). No one wanted it but Allison, but I ended up being the only person to eat some (Allison tried it but gagged herself). It reminded me of the cheese we had in Paris, and the smell reminded me of the cheese shops in Paris.

Grandma Fishbaugh, Great-Grandma Sparks, and Great-Aunt Lisa

Kinsey & Luke; Sarah, Bill, and Grandpa Fishbaugh in the background

Luke on Daddy's present

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