Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

Finally some snow!! Twelve inches to be more specific! The news said ten but I am SURE that it is twelve! Phil even had school canceled for the day!!!!! That never happens! Phil is just coming in from shoveling...almost 3 hours later! We are not snowed in anymore. Thanks honey! You're the best shoveler around!
We are not sure if Luke is a fan of snow or not. He is more of an observer...from inside!
Good thing that Phil went to the grocery for us last night. Phil's night class was canceled too. Oh, and church today was canceled last night. Crazy!

What blue eyes he has!

Our car!
Luke needs assistance walking in his boots.

Falling down is no fun

See his cute scarf hanging out the bottom of his coat! Made by Great Grandma Edna!
Phil threw snowballs at Sanibel!

Snow boys!

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