Thursday, July 14, 2011

Micah 17 Months

Does it surprise anyone that this guy likes golf too?

Micah got to tag along to golf camp.

He already knows just what to do!

Pulling the flag in and out.

Micah still loves his bears! He chews on them with love. He has four more teeth coming in!

He has dark eyes like daddy and curly blond hair like mommy!

He is in the imitation stage! Whatever Luke does he does it too exactly the same way. He has a baby sign language book from the library that he loves to look through and imitate the signs like the babies in the pictures. Yesterday when he was doing it he was even trying to take his shirt off so that he looked just like the shirtless babies in the book!

He is always ready to go outside. He goes and gets his shoes and carries them around until he gets some help. Micah also picks up Luke's shoes and follows him around with them until he gets the hint. He puts hats on his head and goes to the closet to get his coat. I think that he realizes that if he is not ready he sometimes gets left behind! He does NOT like to get left behind.

He loves puzzles and flipping through books. He also likes to get the game pieces out of board games and then set the game up in his own way! I know he is trying hard to be like all of us and keep up. His new normal is to sleep through the night. Yay! And last night was the 3rd night in a row that daddy put him to bed without nursing. As far as I'm concerned we are done with that. It seems that he has already forgotten about it anyways! Kids are amazing!

We have a new playhouse that is a huge hit with both boys. One side is a cafe with a little fridge and cooktop. We have fun placing orders from the cafe and Micah brings us pretend food in his little clenched hand. And then we pretend eat it together. He picked up on that whole thing very fast. He loves to color at the table with markers, crayons and he LOVES to stamp. I just have to keep an eye on him since he still puts all of those things in his mouth and likes dumping the box. His newest word is "oosh" for shoe. And he makes high pitched barking noises for dog and bird and a low growl for bear.

I feel like everyday he is a little bit older and more toddlerish. I sometimes forget that he can do it too and wants to be included. I'm not sure how this happened but we are cruising into the 18th month already. June flew and July is going just as fast. Until next time!

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