Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Surprise Treats!

Today is such a dreary day. It is warmer but so gloomy. On days like today I see why people call Bloomington "Gloomington." Phil did not feel like going to class but he went anyways. Shortly after he left he showed up at the back door with a huge smile and a signature hot chocolate from Starbucks (with a shot of mint just like I like it) for ME!!!!!!! What a wonderful surprise to have him home early (class was canceled) and a special treat! I love my sweet husband! I got the cookie from my friend Alison Gaynor last night on our way to Bible study. It is the same cookie that we shared from Whole Foods when we were in Denver Colorado!!!! I feel so loved !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lisa said...

Hey, I finally figured out how to post a comment and even though I just sent you guys an email I just wanted to say to keep the pictures and stories coming.

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