Friday, February 13, 2009

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

We love each other! I love this photo of us!

We spent our 5 year wedding anniversary in Indianapolis on November 29th 2008! It was very different from the previous years anniversary. Last year we brought our new little baby Lucas home from the hospital! We brought Luke home from the hospital in the afternoon around 4:00pm. Later that night my brother Drew and Aunt Lisa came down from Indy to meet Luke for the first time. Drew cooked us steaks on the grill. (True heaven on earth after hospital food) It is truly amazing how time flies.

Here we are a year ago on our anniversary. The "luckiest", most proud, happy, thrilled parents ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't we look tired?

Our little Lukie at the hospital right before we left for home.

My Aunt Lisa meeting Luke for the first time

Uncle Drew holding his nephew

We had an anniversary lunch at the Cheesecake Factory

Luke and Daddy praying

We love the Cheesecake Factory. As soon as we sat down the hostess brought Luke his very own plate of banana slices, and two kinds of bread! How thoughtful!

My happy hubby!

A blessed wife

My yummy sun dried tomato and basil pasta dish

Phil and Lukie playing with toys at Pottery Barn Kids

Trucks and trains

Luke and a monkey backpack. I really regret not getting it for is the cutest.

Thanks for being part of our lives!


Lisa Joy said...

You can buy monkey backpacks (and dogs and bears) at Target for only $10! They have a clip for a "leash" which is SOOOOO handy for runaway toddlers! Ian loves his!

guppy and the worm said...

Hi, Thats a real cute photo of the three of you! So much different than last year....yes, I remember last year that was a whirl wind of a day with many Blessings! Love, Mom

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