Thursday, September 3, 2009

29 Years of Life

Tuesday I turned 29. It was a normal day spent with ones that I love. The day started with Luke's dentist appointment. He did really well! My mom came to town later that day to celebrate. We were blessed to have her here so that we could go out on a dinner date for my birthday! We went to a restaurant in Bloomington called Farm.

29 and 17 weeks pregnant

What is the perfect cake for a 29 year old birthday? I am glad that you asked...

Worm Cake!! I have requested this for probably 5 birthdays total. My mom makes it good! A tealight candle is a great birthday candle.

Luke wants a try.

A singing birthday card. What fun?!

My parents gave me a giftcard that enabled me to purchase valences for the downstairs windows. They were oh so unhappy looking.


Phil and Luke picked out a nativity set that I have been wanting for years. How sweet!

As soon as I picked the gift up, I guessed what it was in my head. Phil refuses to believe me but I really did! Just like I dreamed last night that I gained 7 baby pounds for the month of August and I had my appointment today and that was exactly right! Somebody get me a lottery ticket!

All that fun and really I would rather watch my son open gifts. Funny how that happens?

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