Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lake Weekend

The day after getting home from Amarillo we met my parents and brother at the lake for the weekend. Northern Indiana is the "land of lakes." When I was growing up my grandparents had two homes. One in Venice Florida and one in Indiana at the "lake"

My parents rented a lake cottage for the week.

Luke found a new love for driving the boat. It really worried Uncle Drew...

He was so happy!

The kayak is a wonderful workout for the arms

Luke got a kick out of watching daddy paddle the kayak around

Phil did not grow up on the lake but in the kayak he is a "natural" as my dad kept saying.

I love this kayaker!

Luke's turn to try...

...he would rather be driving the Mastercraft

Sanibel needs a lake property

She is a natural in the water

I'm gonna sit this one out.

Dad giving Luke a swimming lesson

Luke is a natural in his lifejacket

Labs never stop


Sanibel submitted an offer on a lake property just this week.

We are crossing our dew claws in suspense!

1 comment:

guppy and the worm said...

Hey! Happy to see you three had some summer fun at the lake until the rains came!! Sorry you all left so soon! Next year!!

It just cant be true that 29 years have flown by......whoosh..... That was truly a Labor Day for me, back in 1980!!
Love, MOM

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