Monday, September 28, 2009

An Everyday Occurrence

Lunchtime! As you see here, toast, cheese slices, green beans, grapes, milk, a sad doggie, and a care free toddler complete this daily routine.

A drooling dog lies in waiting...

...for a scrap of food. "An ort is a scrap of food" That is an example that I remember from ISTEP testing in elementary school. Why do I remember all of this stuff? much useless knowledge. Arg.

Sanibel is thinking "arg" too. The drool is eeking out !

Luke does not even notice.

Now he notices that I have the camera


"Mom, I want to take the pictures"

He has forgotten all about his lunch...

A big cheesey smile but notice that he is actually trying to peek out of his tiny eye slits to watch Sesame Street.

Love that smile!

Sanibel HAS NOT forgotten about the lunch!

It just hangs there

She resigns to the fact that her subtle snorts and sighs are getting her nowhere.

Okay, I wanted you to know that her patience was noted. Oh, and don't tell Phil because I can't follow the rules very well either.

How could I not?

Licked clean and then I don't even have to wash the plate. Back in the cupboard it goes! Shush. Hehe!

1 comment:

Emily said...

i love your photo-blogs, with captions, even :) Sanibel looks so...patient :)

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