Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bedtime Routine

Lukes' nightly bedtime routine includes a devotion from his "Little Boys" Bible, family prayer, and two books of his choice. We added a family devotion time back in March of this year. He was finally able to sit still for a story so we got out the Bible that he got for Christmas.

At first it was such a struggle! Luke did not want to look at the pages or the pictures, or pay attention. As soon as we would start reading the story he would be making his aversion known by pulling books off of the shelves, opening drawers, running out of the room, trading his pacifier etc. He was making it clear to us that he did not want to participate. We would rush through the story while he was fighting us all the way. After the story we all join hands and pray. This part was not so tough for him. He likes to join hands and bow his head. After prayer of course he would be very engaged and ready to look through the two books that he had picked out.

I took this photo of devotions last week and things have really changed. Is that an interested little boy I see? It looks like our 7 months of dedication is starting to pay off....I will leave it at that considering there are many childhood stages to come where I am sure that devotions will become a battle again. Sigh.
For now we will appreciate the calm that is now bedtime.

Luke even likes looking at the pictures now! I must admit that some of the stories in the Bible can be odd...but that is perfect for a little boy right?
Part of his routine (he created this part) includes climbing up on his rocking horses' back and picking out a pacifier from his extensive collection. Yes, he is probably getting to old for this part. I am sure that all of the toddler books say that "he does not need it" or "he should have grown out of this phase by now." Every night I debate in my head over what to do. I am sure that he eventually "grow out of it" but so far I do not want to intervene. Besides, I feel like this is his one last "baby" thing that he wants to do. I don't want to push him to grow up too fast before he is ready.
Maybe I expect too much out of him? I expect him to sit still for family devotion time yet I still let him use his pacifier in bed! How about I cut myself some slack and remember that I am just trying to be a responsible parent. A parent that realizes that the days are moving by faster and faster. My baby will not be a baby forever (he already is not a baby). I just want to "hold on" to some of these moments and freeze time. One morning last week Luke was running back and forth between our bedroom and his while we were still in bed.

Phil said "did you hear that?"

I said "what, that loud stomping sound in the hallway?"

Phil said "some day we are really going to miss that!"

He was so RIGHT!

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