Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Weekend

We got to do a lot of fun things this weekend! My weekend started Friday morning. My friend Lilli and I drove over to the outlet malls in Edinburgh for a fun shopping day. We had some coupons and they were having Columbus Day sales so we left our sons with our husbands and got away for the day! We shopped until we literally dropped (both of us are pregnant) and had lunch before heading home. It is an hour drive but it went so fast because we pretty much talked the whole trip and the view was wonderful. The drive winds through Brown County and the leaves have begun to change!

Friday night Phil and I were helping with a marriage conference held at our church called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage." Our friends Scott and Sophie Wallace volunteered to watch Luke both days for us. That was so sweet of them especially since they had not been around Luke very much. Everything ended up working out great though! Luke was even sleeping when we got home around 10:30ish! Phil and I LOVED the marriage conference too! It was so fun for us to know that Luke was having a blast while we were able to work on our marriage. Marriages always could use some work right?

When we arrived at the Wallace's Saturday morning Luke was watching the game with Scott on his computer and playing with the mouse!

The Wallace's are HUGE IU fans so we tried one of their red wigs for the games on Luke!

Luke looked so cute wearing his backpack! He looked like he was headed to his first day of school. We took some toys with us so that he had plenty of things to do.

Later that night the Wallace's had us back over for a Fall Party! Here is Luke playing with an IU pom pom.

Luke and Daniel, toddler cheerleaders!
We all had a great but busy weekend! Now I need the week to help me wind down!

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