Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Bedtime Routine

I used to give Luke a bath in the mornings before I dressed him. That was back in his newborn days. He didn't get many baths in those early days because 1) He didn't like them. 2) It was winter and his lips would chatter the whole time. 3) It really stressed us parents out!

I started bathing him in the mornings because at the end of the day (or when Phil got home) I felt accomplished because I was doing it alone! When Luke got a little older and started to have a more "normal schedule" and by normal I mean having awake time in the day and sleeping through the night. I decided that I wanted to start a bedtime routine. I kept reading about how babies like to have a predictable routine so that they know what is coming next even before the communication is there. I wanted bath time to be a part of that routine because it can be a time of fun but also a time to "wind down." I looked at it as a "cleansing of the day" or "washing the day away." I know that he does not get dirty enough to NEED a daily bath, although some days he does need one!

I think that he looks forward to it! Phil usually gives him the bath. It is good father/son bonding time. Plus, Phil makes the bath way more fun than I do! I am all business but Phil is more about the play and then a quick wash over at the end when I start to wonder if he even got clean at all!

When it is time for bed we say "let's go get some bubbles" and he says "bubba?" He then heads upstairs on his own.

Look at all of that fun they have!

Luke getting really clean!

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