Saturday, June 26, 2010

5 Months Young

Baby Micah had his 4 month Dr's appointment yesterday. Yes, that's his 4 month appointment a month late! It took a month to get the boys medical records transferred to a new doctors office in Ft. Wayne. The new office would not let me set up appointments for the boys until they had the records in their possession. My own personal opinion tells me that is a little EXTREME and I spent many moments on the phone on hold waiting to get it all straightened out. Patient I am not in these types of situations. Just an earthly reminder that I am not in control. Luckily no one got sick during this waiting period. I did have a few back-up plans in the wings just in case somebody did get sick! So now the records are here and they are all set. Now I just need to find a Ft. Wayne doctor for Phil. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Anyways, Micah checked out well at his appointment. He is:

26 3/4" tall (90%)
21 lbs. 15 oz. (off the charts!)
head size: 16 3/4" (40%)

His head is actually almost average! In every other way he is just plain big. I love it! I always joke that I never worry about him and that is the truth!

Our current dilemma with him is that he is 1 oz. away from the weight limit on his car seat. No matter what we have to switch him to a big boy car seat already. It is not that big of a deal because he is just too heavy for me to lug him around in that carrier anymore. The problem is he is not ready to sit on his own in the shopping cart. What is the solution to this? What did people do back in the day when there were not baby carrier car seats? How am I going to get any shopping done? Phil probably planned it this way! I have been wearing him in a baby carrier on my front more often but that really takes a toll on my neck and back? Any ideas?


Ruth said...

Two options that I can think of. We used to (before kid #2) use our stroller instead of a shopping cart. The basket on the bottom works pretty well. So you could have Luke walk and Micah can ride in the stroller.

Alternatively, I've seen shopping carts in most stores with baby carriers built in that he should be ok in.

Alli and Phil said...

The stroller thing is a good idea! That is how we did all of our shopping in Paris. I might need a double stroller though. DO you have one?

guppy and the worm said...

I am wondering..... what does Micah have on his head?? Happy Birthday (5 months that is) to Micah Andrew Wagler....such a sweetie! Love, Gam-ma

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