Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Reality of Real Estate

We have exciting news!

The past two days we have been filming an episode of a new show called "The Reality of Real Estate" They just started airing this past Monday at 7:30 on ABC (the local Ft. Wayne ABC channel 21) You can see a glimpse of the first episode here if you missed it! Our episode will be a two part show airing at the beginning of July. We will keep you posted on the exact dates so that you can watch us! He he!!

We started the day Monday morning filming some footage at my parents house. Here is Phil getting his mic pack.

The camera guy even rode with us in our car to get some driving footage. So cool!

Here we are filming at Lake City Bank to reenact our mortgage experience! We have had so much fun the past two days hanging out with our Realtor Justin Heflin and the awesome production crew. We have also learned a lot about the reality filming process! I didn't really think that we would ever be a part of reality t.v. but I guess you just never know. Life can be funny like that.

Every day is an adventure for sure! I will keep you posted on the airing times of our episode! You know that I will.

1 comment:

Molly Alisa Photography said...

It's cracking me up that you reenacted everything! lol!

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