Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sauder Village

Saturday, we spent the day in Ohio at Historic Sauder Village.
Maybe you went there in Elementary School?
Lot's of living history!

It was their annual fall festival and scout day.

There were lot's of hands on/learning activities.
Pumpkins were decorated:

Grandma Wagler and Cousin Chondra

Luke named his pumpkin "Clown" and informed us it was a girl.

The bell was so loud and over 100 years old

There is a new portion of the village just for preschoolers! You can play with anything in this log cabin. I loved it in there. I hope to have a cabin just like this someday when I grow up!

I also really liked these wool animal rugs! Now to find out how to get one of my very own...

Micah did some laundry

and found a train to play with!

Luke milked a cow.

Okay, it was a faux cow!

He thought he was pretty neat.

Our favorite part was the saw mill.

It is so interesting to watch the process of moving these huge logs and maneuvering them into position. Hard work! We appreciate hard work!

Luke loved the hay tunnel maze.

Micah slept through it!

Luke did the maze 6 times!

His shirt even said "maze" on it!
Is it just me or does he look so old?

The sheep had much to say!

The calf had to answer the sheep!
A noisy crowd.

Luke gave the turkeys the "one finger wave" that I always give him.

Luke and I by the chicken house.
Maybe some day when I grow up and get that cabin I will also get some chickens of my very own? They were fancy ladies! Black and white with feathers all over...even on their feet.

Luke got to play with some old timey toys.

They taught you how to get the corn off the cob and press apple cider.

Finally, at the end of the day, Luke got to make a corn husk doll. At first he said that he wanted a girl but I convinced him to make a boy. The girls pretty much made it for him but he was thrilled!


guppy and the worm said...

Looks like alot of fun !! And I have even been there before...and didnt have that much fun at all! Love, Grandma Fish

Lisa said...

Looks like you had an A-MAZE-ING time! I have never been there but it reminds me of Conner Prairie.

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