Monday, November 29, 2010

7 Years Ago Today

We were married!

But it wasn't a Monday then, it was a Saturday.

AND it snowed the night before. Boy did it snow! Phil informed me the next day

(after it had taken my mom and I over 3 hours to get home after the rehearsal dinner when it should have only taken 1 and I kept envisioning our car sliding off the road and into the ditch and nobody would ever find us and I would miss the wedding)

that he had been praying for snow! Oh dear.

I would love to put up lots of lovely photos of the wedding but, alas, I cannot find them and my head is still throbbing from the stomach bug that hit us hard this weekend. In fact we are still recovering. Phil is even working from home today. Yeah, anniversary.

Time to go lay my weary head down on a pillow somewhere.

A consolation:

Our first Christmas tree together. It was real and everything. I so vividly remember picking up each and every one of the pine needles off our apartment carpet because the vacuum broke mid cleaning. But it was so pretty! We both loved it and loved getting married during the Christmas season. I remember watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special on our Honeymoon in Florida and I couldn't help but feel that all was right with the world. Everyone should feel that way on their honeymoon!

Look at all of the presents!

November 29th, 2003

See photos from our 1st anniversary and 2nd Christmas tree here.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Happy belated anniversary you two! So sorry to hear that you were both feeling under the weather on your special day. Well there's always this coming weekend to celebrate your 7 years of marriage. We love you!

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