Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

We got our trick or treat on.

Luke had the BEST time trick or treating!

Tiggers like to bounce.

Baby Mikey found the candy did Sanibel.

Phil's firm had trick or treating on Monday!

Each floor had candy stations including the basement where we discovered an ancient hot tub. Now I wish that I would have opened the cover to see what was inside?

Micah likes to hold onto the candy and then try to eat it wrapper and all.

I know this is cheesy but I took this one of the screen of Phil's desk phone. Pretty fancy I'll say.

And then when Phil took Luke to the bathroom I took this one of the law library which is on the same floor as his office.

This is in the library too and over looks the lobby on the main floor!

Stay tuned for pictures of the bathroom (which have not yet been taken because how will I explain myself on that one but they are super fancy too! I have never seen so much cherry wood and brass?) You KNOW a place is classy with a hot tube in the basement? Actually it kind of creeped me out!


guppy and the worm said...

Great TRICK or TREAT FUN!! Happy we could be a part of the fun!

Lisa said...

What cute little goblins you have! Did you get your hair cut Alli Lou?

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