Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kitchen Table Kind of School

Luke's favorite "school" thing to do right now is worksheets and workbook pages.

He LOVES it and I love that about him!

The worksheets have instructions at the top and I read them to him and then he tries his best to follow them. We work on writing his name at the top first. The instructions are fairly simple. An example of a worksheet would be: " All of these people are missing their shoes. Draw a line to match each person with their shoes" or "Draw a line from the frog on the left to the matching frog on the right." Drawing lines is definitely something that he is good at doing and he feels important and smart.

I try to focus on a letter and number for the week/month. I chose "T" for this month because November is all about being "t"hankful. We have been working on writing "T" but he is not quite there yet. It made me happy tonight that he formed a lowercase "t" tonight with his dominoes and daddy's help!

He really is getting it.

We have also been talking about numbers. This week is the number 5.

He took the time to color all of the fish lips in and stayed in the lines.

It took some serious concentration.

Luke is passionate about stamping! After we finish a worksheet I let him stamp the top as a reward. He is accumulating quite the collection of stamps.

He has a few stamps that have words on them and he has the words memorized. They say things like

His attention span impresses me. I bought him a workbook 2 weeks ago for ages 3-5 and he finished it in a week and a half. So for now I am trying to find free printable worksheets online for preschoolers. He likes to get them out of the printer and take them to the table.

When we are done he hangs our worksheets and other creations on the refrigerator so that daddy can see them when he gets home.

The parrot with the feathers is "Mr. Tweeters"

We met Mr. Tweeters last Thursday during storytime at Blackhawk Christian Elementary

He is a parrot puppet that was feeling gloomy and learned how to be thankful.

At the end of the storytime the teacher said something about Mr. Tweeters getting stuck in a tree.

After the story, there were tables set up with a craft for the kids.

Luke had fun gluing feathers to his picture of Mr. Tweeters and he repeated over and over to me "Mr. Tweeters got stuck in a tree"

He was VERY worried about Mr. Tweeters and is still concerned to this day.

I told him that we will go back this week to make sure that Mr. Tweeters is okay.

So now I am really hoping that Mr. Tweeters will be there?

During school time Micah is napping!

Usually he wakes up happy.

Luke would say "he is too little and too big for school work"

Even though he is too little and too big for "school" he is learning and watching everything!


Karen said...

You're such a good mom!! :)

Alli and Phil said...

Thanks Karen!

Lisa said...

That is pretty impressive about Luke and his "school" work although not truly surprising. I think he will be your very studious one, and with Micah it's too early to tell but I do know one thing. He can and will be able to charm the socks off anyone, including his teachers, with that magnificent smile of his:)

guppy and the worm said...

Gma & Gpa agree with Lisa.....Lucas was very excited about telling me about his work sheets the other day when I was there!!! He can get very serious about things he hears! Micah is in such a cute stage....he always makes sure I look right at him and then he gives me that smile of all gums and teeth!!! Love it!! GOod job Mommy!!

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