Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mad Ants Basketball Game

Phil has a networking event at the Coliseum every month and it concludes with a seat at the Mad Ants game. This usually brings him home pretty late so last night we met him at the game. Phil got us tickets from the firm so that we could all go!

Boys. One particular boy a little overdressed!

And there is the Mad Ant mascot or like Luke says the "Bad Ant" He kept both eyes on him the entire game.

Chris Kramer (former Purdue player) and Rod Wilmont (former IU player) are on our team!

There is that "Bad Ant" again. It is unclear whether Luke understands that a basketball game is about basketball or a giant muscular insect high fiving fans and stealing the cheerleaders pom poms?

Micah's first basketball game. Does he like it?




For the record Luke has been playing "basketball" game all morning. I was putting Micah down for his morning nap and I could hear Luke in his room saying "Larry Bird, Larry Birrrrrd where are you?" Then he came and found me and said: "Mommy, I have a problem. Larry Bird is missing." As it turns out he was playing basketball game in his closet because his dirty clothes hamper is a basketball hoop. And Larry Bird really WAS missing because he got in a fight with Micheal Jordan and he was later located beneath Luke's shoe rack! Phew. And just in case you were wondering, I actually did have to pay for a ticket to get into the game and save Larry Bird. Lots going on here today!


Tina said...

:) This is awesome.

Walter Tully said...

Indeed, it's awesome! It's always a treat to see a good game of basketball. Whoever wins, they absolutely deserve it. But of course, you have to root for your team and cheer them on, haha.

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