Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Shopping with children can be a challenge.

You can pay $1.00 at Meijer to use this shopping cart. The boys LOVED it and I thought it was the best thing to ever happen to me at Meijer!

It is a little car with doors that open, steering wheel, and movie screen with continuous movie stream. It worked great for a while but Micah started covering up the screen with his arms.

And then half-way through shopping the movie stopped! NOOOOOO.

So I took the thing back up to the front of the store and we had to switch everything over to a new cart. By then I was sweating and I still had to finish the shopping. Micah, of course, was done/disinterested at this point. The novelty had worn off and they were both trying to climb out the front window. Ahhhh.

So, will I ever do this again?

Don't they look sweet and brotherly?

This photo alone makes me think that we WILL try this again.

$1.00 is definitely worth peaceful shopping.

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Lisa said...

Hey anything that works, right? One of the hardest jobs of all was taking the kids to the grocery and oh how I dreaded those trips:( If I only took one of them it was not quite so dreadful but nonetheless grocery shopping was not one of my favorite things to do especially with kids in tow. I guess we do what we have to do but if there is a device, gadget, or little car cart that will keep them occupied then $1 seems a very small price to pay.

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