Monday, March 14, 2011

Our First House

Before law school, kids, and many moves ago we had the most adorable house. I stumbled onto these recently while looking for photos for another blog that I have been working on.

Welcome to:

740 Indiana Ave.

Isn't it darling?

It was 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and we thought we were really living having moved from a one bedroom apartment. The main living space was about 640 square feet and it had a full finished basement. And the yard! We mowed that yard with a push reel mower. That was a lot of work but we got our exercise!

Here it is in the spring! So cheery.

Here is the back in the fall. It had a wonderful deck! We grilled out almost everyday and ate outside in the summer and listened to the little league baseball games and cheer leading camp at the park across the street!

It had dusty rose carpet that we pulled out before moving in.

Once the carpet was gone we pulled up the tack strips.

Tim helped!

And then we sanded the floors ourselves. Here is Phil's brother Rob.

Phil on the sander.

I helped out after work in my fancy clothes!

We were figuring it out as we went.

Newlyweds and homeowners. We look so young!

Mom helped paint and clean.

We cleaned everything.

And painted everything!

Many times I wish that I could move back to this house but we have outgrown it and it is in Mishawaka. That's probably a good thing because if I was closer I would find myself driving by maybe a little too often.

Moving is so chaotic! It is hard to believe that we have moved 5+ times since this. It humors me that I am wearing my work clothes in so many of these photos. Working outside of the home used to be my normal life!


guppy and the worm said...

IT was a pretty little home, after the new paint and beautiful hardwood floors were finished! I believe Sanibel enjoyed having her own back yard too! but she had to be on a lead all the time! The park and the river near by was alot of fun also!

Alicia Hochstetler said...

i loved this house too! Having lunch on the deck was so nice.

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