Monday, May 30, 2011

Chicago Cubs Game

The Bean in Millennium Park.

Looking straight up from underneath!

Getting excited!

Chicago style deep dish pizza for lunch.

It took 30 minutes to cook the pizza so we had to keep the kiddies busy. They were out of milk so they sent someone over to the 7 Eleven to get some for Luke!

Go Cubs Go!

48 degrees at Wrigley Field.

The kids did great! Really.

Good thing we had blankets, hats and gloves. I spilled hot chocolate on myself but it was the only thing that warmed me up!

Making the most of a disappointing game. Luke was sad that he didn't catch a foul ball.

Phil took some really great close ups but won't let me post for fear of copyright infringements. Apparently Phil loves the cubs so much he does not want to get in trouble with them!

Micah Cubby Bear

All smiles even though the cubs lost.

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